Koldinghus Jutlands last royal castle - Danhostel Kolding
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Koldinghus Jutlands last royal castle

Visit our creepy castle in February if you dare.

Jutlands last royal castle Koldinghus.

Koldinghus played an important role in the history of Denmark throughout the more than 700 years of its existence. It has served as a part of the border defences. As a royal residence, and as the seat of the local representatives of the Danish central government.

Following the disastrous fire of 1808, the castle ruin attracted considerable attention as a picturesque ruin. Providing a popular source of inspiration for artists and poets.

For more than a century, the ruin of Koldinghus has been the object of restoration programmes. And gradual conversion to a museum of cultural history and a venue for cultural activities Koldinghus

In February Haunted castle. UHUUUU !!!!!!!!!

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